Quick Start Guide to Keto


Quick Start Guide to Keto

Provide your audience with a high-quality, high-value, multimedia keto diet info product.

Keto is the biggest diet trend of 2019 and is only growing in popularity. 

Quick Start Guide to Keto is an online video course that walks students step-by-step through how to follow the keto diet in a safe, correct way.

Created by a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, this course provides your audience with real education and tools for following the keto diet correctly, including:

- a two-phased approach for safely transitioning into ketosis

- how to do a full pantry cleanout and restock

- how to support the lifestyle foundations of sleep, movement, and stress management

- access to a wide array of practical resources, including meal plans, recipe guides, handy charts and references guides, shopping lists, and self-assessments to make sure students stay on track

- a complete keto resource hub so that students have everything they need during their keto journey.   


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